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This website was last updated on 6-12-2018

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Exclusive transport for Saint Nicholas

1929 Lancia Lambda Torpedo Shortened 9th Series stars in CineCars film
1957 Lancia Flaminia Berlina 2.5 1st Series stars in another CineCars film
Lancia Lambda CineCars Lancia Flaminia CineCars
1932 Lancia Astura Drophead Coupe stars in CineCars film
Lancia Astura CineCars


About Jancia:

Lancia is, as anybody can look up in any car book or on the internet, an Italian automobile manufacturer founded in 1906, part of the FIAT group since 1969.

So there's no need for me to go into historic details. More important to me is what Lancia stands for: 

Dynamic sculptures endowed with competition-bred mechanics

and often exceptional coachwork.

Before I bought my first Lancia I used to drive makes like Alfa Romeo, Panhard, Ford and Citroen. 

All nice cars but .....


1951 Panhard X86 (Dyna 120) Convertible 1966 Lancia Flavia Saloon 1.8

...... by the end of the sixties I bought my first Lancia. A Flavia Saloon to be exact. What an eye-opener this car was. This was what real motoring was about! Finally I found a car that seemed to understand me. That fitted like a glove with its Interesting mechanics, perfect road holding and rareness.


Within a few year I had my garden filled with some twenty old Lancia's. With the misses approval!






So throughout the years several Lancia's found their home (and some their grave) in Knegsel. Though not all restored I love them just as much.

1962 Citroen 2CV 425cc



When my sons Harry & Dick and cousin Johan grew up they all showed the same interest in Lancias. Nowadays we form a team of hobbyists in which each of us has its specialty. 





With a certain passion, I personally select the cars, the criteria being quality and rarity. Some still in original condition, others have been the subject of restoration.





You will find here a list of cars I currently own with a short description and photographs of each one.

There are also archive photos of cars I previously owned.

I am located in Knegsel near Eindhoven, Holland.

Visitors are welcome upon prior appointment to have a look at my cars.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at


Theo Jansen

I am always looking for pre-war Lancias. 

So if you have something for sale you think might interest me,  please do not hesitate to contact me at




Our first drive, together with John Savage, in a shortened Lancia Lambda Torpedo S9.


Together with my close Italian friend, Agostino Pecchiai, collecting a Lancia Flamina Sport 2.5 3C.


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Lancia Theta Kappa Lambda Dilambda Artena Astura Aprilia Aurelia Appia Flaminia Flavia Superjolly 2000 A112 Thema


Lancia Theta Kappa Lambda Dilambda Artena Astura Aprilia Aurelia Appia Flaminia Flavia Superjolly 2000 A112 Thema